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We LOVE you!  Love Is, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization designed to assist all people, regardless of age, sex, race, social status, religion or capability. We don’t just believe love is just a mere emotion.  We put that belief in to practice by meeting the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental needs of our communities and surrounding areas.

For decades communities all over the country have faced the devastating effects of poverty, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, mental illness and the lack of needed services, substance abuse and the lack of needed services, broken homes, low performing schools and those experiencing difficulties in their faith.  Love Is, Inc. sought to ease these obstacles and build happier, healthier environments for everyone by showing love to our communities by providing a vast number of services and programs.

Love Is, Inc. is very dedicated to our mission: No One Person Excluded (N.O.P.E.). We practice the love of Jesus Christ through our programs; in succession, building better, healthier people and communities.

Want to see Love Is, Inc. in your neighborhood?  We love connecting with new faces.  Connect with us!

Community volunteers are a huge part of our success, and we love meeting and growing with new faces.  Find out about the next volunteer event by visiting our calendar and bulletin.

We’re inviting friendly, loving faces to events throughout the year, so stay tuned and join us for these extraordinary gatherings.

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Maya Wilkins-Chadwick, Founder

A bigger heart and a sweeter spirit, you'll never find.  Maya founded Love Is with one thing in mind- LOVE!  Her love for people and the desire to see everyone well led her to a career in Nursing.  That same inherent passion gave way to a health book called, "Don't Call The Doctor...Eat!"  Maya is also very zealous for the spiritual health and wellness of people.  As an ordained minister, she equips, encourages, teaches and cares for all of those she comes in contact with.  Maya believes that LOVE is more than just a mere emotion, but rather a life changing event, a heart felt encounter or a kind gesture. LOVE transforms lives and has always been the driving force behind all she does.


Far'd H. Wilkins, Counselor 

Counseling is not just a job for Far'd.  It's his life!  If you asked him, he'd literally tell you he was created to do it.  That innate passion led him to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Psychology and also a Master's degree in Counseling.  Far'd thought he was leaving the counseling profession when he pursued full time ministry in 2016.  However, ministry just proved to be another platform to perform those counseling duties.  Far'd believes firmly that we are the professionals of our own lives.  We have what it takes to be better.  He's here to help you see it, and empower you to act on what you already possess.


Free Counseling Sessions


Our Wilson, Inc

Love Is always steps up to the plate for our community and Our Wilson.


I am so impressed with your ministry.  Big believer that each person can reach one person. Keep being the hands and feet.  Love yall!


Every aspect of this ministry is great.  From the giving and serving, to the worship and growing, to the counselor and mentoring.  Glad to have met such a phenomenal group of people.


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